How to format the data in excel before uploading?

Here is the list of points to check while formatting the data. Ensuring that the data is error free will help in quick and hassle free upload.

1.  There should not be any empty row in the beginning of the sheet. The first row of the template should be the heading like: Emp ID, Total Gross, Total Deduction etc.

2.  Emp ID Column – this is a text field. Ensure that this column is filled and has no space. 

  • To format the Emp ID column to text: Incase the data sheet needs formatting to “text” field, copy the desired sheet into a new worksheet. Select Data > Text to Columns > Select Delimited and Click Next till Step 3. 
  • Under Step 3 select the radio button Text and Click Finish to complete the formatting.

3.  Each column in the template belongs to a field. Columns with out any value can be removed/deleted from the template otherwise it might get updated as blank value.

4. The column names should be unique. No two columns should be of the same name.


  • Make sure that there are no special characters in any of the fields.
  • The date format should be in DD/MM/YYYY
  • Deductions column should not have Negative figures (for example -9600). Because the deduction will automatically subtract in the application. However, the Year end adjustments can have negative values.
  • Bank Account number / Tax ID – this column is a numeric field. Hence the data should have the prescribed count (for example : bank account number – 10 digits, Tax ID – 14 or 15 digits)
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