Leave Year End Process

Leave Year End, marks the closure of the leave allotted to that particular calendar year or financial year (based on the company's policy).

It is at the end of year, that all the unused leaves are either carried forward to the next year or lapsed.  It is also the time to declare the next set of leaves for the coming year and updating the holiday calendar.

The following activities has to be preformed for a smooth transition to the next year:

Activity 1 : Add Holiday List for the coming year

1.  Go to System > Configure > Holiday List
2.  Select the Year and click on Add Holiday



3.  There is an option to add the holiday list in bulk, by clicking the Excel Import button.  Importer tool for uploading the holiday list is similar to to any other data upload. 

Sample data of Holiday list prior to uploading.


Activity 2 : Check and Clear Pending Leave Applications

Ensure that all the leave applications are either approved or rejected before the close of the year. Check the list of pending application of all employees and do the required activity.

1.  To check the pending applications, go to Employee > Leave > Year End Processing.

2.  Select Process Tab.

3.  Select the Leave Scheme

4. Check the Leaves to be approved column and click on the numbers to find out the pending applications. 


Pending leave details



5.  The pending leaves will have to be either intimated to the respective Managers for Approval or Rejection.  The same can also be done by the Administrator from Tasks > Monitor Work page.



Activity 3 : Change the Leave year in Leave Options

The year will have to be changed to the current year to enable the system to account for the changes.

1.  Go to System > Preferences > Leave Options and update the Leave Current Year


Activity 4 : Process the Year End

Once all the leave applications get approved/rejected and Leave Year has been updated, you will be able to process the year end.

1.  Go to Employee > Leave > Year End Processing.

2.  Select Process tab

3.  Select the Leave Scheme and Leave Types.

4.  Click on Process button.


5.  After the Processing the Year End you can go to Summary tab to check the leaves balances that are being carried to next year.



Activity 5 : Grant Leave days using the Leave Granter

System has an option to set the auto granting in leave configuration page. But only for the new joiners you have to grant the leave days under Leave Granter Option.

1.  Go to Employee > Leave > Leave Granter

2.  Select Granter tab

3.  Select Grant for all employees to grant leave days to all employees else select Grant for newly joined employees to for newly joiners.

4.  Select Periodicity and Period. The period will appear only if you select Monthly, Quarterly or Half yearly.

5.  Select the Leave Types and Click on Grant button.


6.  You can see / review the granted days from Grant Summary tab


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