Greytip Online is one of NASSCOM Top-8 SaaS Apps

We are pleased to be selected for the NASSCOM top 8 SaaS companies in India.

nasscom Top-8 SaaS Apps

Here is what NASSCOM has to say about the Top-8 SaaS Apps:

As the name suggests, through EMERGEOUT, we try and showcase the top companies which have developed innovative applications. The process culminates at the seventh edition of EMERGEOUT, on June 7th 2011 in Chennai.

The selection procedure is quite rigorous which ensures that the top 8 which make the cut are truly unique in their offerings. The panel, after much deliberation, based on various parameters like Uniqueness of the Product, number of customers, Marketability, India-focus, performance and usability has arrived at a short-list which is truly noteworthy.

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