Greytip Software wins the InformationWeek EDGE 2011 Award

People sometimes ask us about our aggressive pricing of Greytip Online and wonder if it makes business sense. The secret is our multi-tenancy application architecture and our ability to fully exploit the on-demand nature of Amazon cloud services.

This is what helps us keep infrastructure costs low without making any sacrifices and without skimping on essential infrastructure like a good disaster recovery setup. The result? Our customers enjoy high quality services at Indian prices and we win accolades...

InformationWeek has just awarded us InformationWeek EDGE award 2011 for using cloud technology for maximizing business impact.

InformationWeek EDGE Award 2011


The EDGE award is a great recognition for our team that works hard to make it all possible. We take this opportunity to once again thank our customers for their constant support and patronage.

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