Wrapping up a great year with a new release of Greytip Online - Release 3.7

Here’s our new year present to all our users in advance.  We are excited to announce yet another round of updates to Greytip Online.  The updates will roll out on Friday night (23 Dec 2011) and you can check them out Saturday morning. (The update will happen without any server downtime.)

The biggest feature is our new integrated help desk built right into the application.  While the new help desk software (you are reading this article on the new help desk site) has dozens of cool features here are top 3 features:
  1. To post a new ticket or check your ticket status, you need not go to a separate help desk website.  You can do it right from within the application by click the Support tab on the left side of the page.  
  2. We have a special forum called Feature Requests wherein users can post new feature requests and vote on already existing feature requests. This will help us implement the most popular features on priority.
  3. The forums let you engage with our Greytip Online user community. Go ahead, discuss various HR and payroll related issues with other Greytip Online users and learn from each other.

Because customer service is extremely important for us, we have dedicated a sizable chunk of development effort towards the seamless integration of help desk with our application. We hope this effort will help us serve you better.

Apart from this, we have lots of new features in this release:
  • Attendance Add-on Module (optional @ Rs. 10/- per employee)
  • Mass update facility: update a compensation item (e.g. bonus) for multiple employees in one go.  Or else, update all manual entry components for an employee in one go.
  • Generate even more powerful ad-hoc reports using QueryBuilder: we have now enabled month-wise salary reports and daily leave transactions reports.
  • Leave calendar: get a consolidated view of all employees who are on leave in a particular month.
  • Many new reports, new importers, new fields and new configuration options...
You can get a detailed description of all the new features we have added on our wiki page.

As always, thanks a lot for your unstinting support and encouragement. Keep sending your feedback and suggestions while we get back to our job of making Greytip Online better.
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