Greytip Online Release 3.8 - What's New

We have quite many new features in this release apart from the usual minor enhancements and bug fixes.  The biggest news in this release is the new Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) module. 

The FBP add-on module lets employees plan their salary package to optimize their tax outflow.  Further, the individual employee flexi plans can change from month the month subject to limits. 

Below are the list of new features available on this release


Payroll Management#

  1. Option to Override HRA if the Rent Proof is not collected
  2. Option to download Income Tax declaration
  3. New format of Payroll Difference Report
  4. Perquisite one time tax calculation
  5. Admin updation of Employee's Landlord's PAN details
  6. Flexible Benefit Plan

Employee Management#

  1. Employee Family Details
  2. Employee Passport Details
  3. Employee Visa Details
  4. Employee Category master values can be added in Employee Category Page
  5. Updating Landlord's PAN in IT Declaration page (Rent Proof Declaration)


Leave Management#

  1. Prior application of leave before the actual leave date
  2. Option to export employee leave calendar to excel


  1. Auto close of solved trouble tickets, incase not closed by the employee
  2. Disable or Enable Trouble Ticket category
  3. Simplified the assign options to Managers and Top Level Managers

 You can get a detailed description of all the new features we have added on our wiki page.

As always, thanks a lot for your unstinting support and encouragement.  Keep sending your feedback and suggestions while we get back to our job of making Greytip Online better. 

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