We are back with a new set of features and enhancements - Release 4.1.0

We are back with a new set of features and enhancements that we hope enhances the value you get out of Greytip Online.

The central feature of this release is the dashboard. We now have a user configurable dashboard to which you can add a variety of dashboard elements (dashlets).  You can add or  remove dashlets as per your requirements. You can also rearrange the dashlets in the dashboard using drag & drop.  Moreover, you can tweak the dashlet parameters to get a huge variety (thousands!) of charts and tables.

We have a starter set of dashlets covering head-counts, salary, leave, ticket statistics, attrition, etc. However, this is just the beginning. Let us know what kind of statistics / data really matter to you and we will quickly add those dashlets to the menu.

Payroll Management

  • Loan Interest Revision: Sometimes, there is a need to revise the interest rate on a running loan.  We now support such a rate revision and recalculate the interest on the outstanding principal and deduct EMI based on the new computation.
  • Cash payment tracking:   Many organizations pay salary through cash. We now have an easy way to track such payments, generate vouchers (receipts) and other related reports.  Moreover, the cash payments can be done in multiple batches.
  • Employee’s salary revision history: We now provide a clearer insight into an employee’s salary revision history. Further, you can do a peer comparison with the employee’s peers to get a better understanding of where the employee fits in terms of compensation.
  • Salary Revision Analytics:  Many managers and CEOs have expressed the need to know the distribution of various employees in terms of when the salary revision was done and what quantum of increment was given. We now provide a quick list of all employees whose salary revision has not been done in more than X months.
  • Accumulation Agent v2: The payroll engine has a new configuration component that gives us huge flexibility in accumulation and releasing of amounts (bonus, incentive, etc.) for different time periods.   

Leave Management

  • New Leave Grant logic:  We have now enhanced the leave system to allow you to automatically grant leave on special occasions for specific employees.  Such leave grants can be based on joining date, birthday and other significant dates.

 Other Enhancements

  • Revamped Home Page: We have redesigned the home page to allow you to customize the page with information that you want, the way you want it.
  • In-app news-box for updates on HR / payroll / statutory / Greytip topics:  Even if you miss reading our mails, newsletters, blog or tweets, we want to ensure you don’t miss out on important information. We now have an News Box within the app that presents you important news that is of relevance to your needs. We also classify the news items with various tags like Statutory News, HR News, Greytip News, etc.
  • Faster, easier expense claims:  Our customers have complained that the data entry of claims was cumbersome. We have now revamped the UI to make data entry simpler and faster by bringing in a grid (spreadsheet) layout. It should be much easier to do bulk entry of claims with minimum keystrokes and mouse movements.
  • Facility to capture employee's family details: You can now capture the details of family members that could be useful for a variety of purposes.
  • OpenID authentication is now optional and can be switched off.

We are pleased we shipped out all these great in less than 2 months from our previous release and hope you find many of these features relevant and useful.  

More in-depth information about each of the above features can be found on the Greytip Online wiki.  Please check it out for further details.

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