Announcing Release 4.2.0 with Attendance and Proof of Investment add-ons

It’s a new year and time for a new set of features. We are pleased to announce brand new release (Release 4.2.0) with added functionality for attendance management, proof of investments, and expense claims.

Attendance Management

The biggest feature in this release is our cloud based attendance management software that will redefine the way attendance management works. Traditional attendance management just increased the work of HR departments by a truckload. In contrast, we have designed a simple system that automates all the work with very little effort required by HR. This is India’s first cloud based attendance system and the biggest innovation is the real time access to attendance data you get instead of having to wait for weekly or monthly batch processing. If you want to track attendance in your organization, this is the best solution you can get today.



  • India’s first Attendance Management solution on the cloud
  • Works with any type of attendance hardware - smart card, biometric, etc.
  • Online web attendance marking facility is also available if you don’t want to use hardware
  • See who’s in, who’s late and who is absent today in real time sitting from anywhere
  • Extensive business rules to ensure you attendance policy gets accurately implemented
  • Comes with standard reports for monthly muster, absenteeism, etc
  • Powerful rostering facility with support for multiple shifts
  • Integrates holiday list, authorized leave of absence, payroll computation, etc. for a consolidated and accurate view of employee attendance
  • Facility to regularize absence
  • Employee self service leads to better results, work, transparency and accuracy
  • Coming soon: regularization workflow to handle a variety of day to day situations like personal work permissions, external visits on office duty, work from home, missed punch, etc.
  • Add on module for an additional cost

Claims Management

Since our launch of the expense claims module in the previous release, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers. We have now made it even more easier to make claims with too many line items with a grid view. We have also introduced facility to track advances (in multiple currencies) and square off with the claims.

  • Help the users configure multiple expense heads, define team or individual specific claim limits and rules for claiming expenses, payment cycles, mode of disbursement - cash/bank transfer etc.
  • Create predefined claim forms with event management capability to send email notifications to employees as well

Proof of Investment

 Tax year end is approaching and it is time to start collecting savings proof for all your employees. We have added an immensely useful Proof Of Investment (POI) feature for employees to provide proof online and for administrators to handle the entire process efficiently and with less effort. After cut-off period, you can cancel all investment declarations without proper proof so that the TDS is accurately deducted and the company is compliant with law. 

  • Take care of collection and verification of declared investment made by the employees against actual investment
  • Facility to upload scanned attachments as proof
  • Sends reminder mails to employees about of approved and rejected proof items etc.
  • Facility to clear of all investment declarations with proper proof after cut-off period.

As usual, the new release also comes with a lot of bug fixes and minor enhancements that all help in making Greytip Online even better.

Watch out this blog for additional posts in which each of the above features will be discussed in depth.





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